Track Record

Sector coverage
We cover a number of sectors and deal with a range of situations. As part of our interaction with stakeholders we assess the required action plan. In addition we can access specific expertise from our network.

The team has in-depth experience in the following sectors
  • Renewables, Energy & Utility
  • Media and ICT
  • Healthcare
  • Staffing solutions
  • Construction/Installation
  • Automotive & Cleantech
  • Case Studies
    Following are some case studies the Team has managed
    Distressed ICT Group: read more

    1. The company/shareholders had been notified by financing bank that they had been classified as distressed
    2. as a result of covenant breach.
    3. Agreed outline of an operational re-organization Brought cash management under control < 3 weeks
    4. Completed the re-organization < 1Q
    5. Financial restructuring agreed upon with shareholder and bank

    Utility Services company: read more

    1. The company lacked external client focus, had low financial performance and customer satisfaction
    2. Strategy review and Market assessment < 2 weeks (in parallel)
    3. Establish focus areas in cooperation with senior management
    4. Establish HR Competence program to determine and manage technical skills of personnel
    5. Restructure the organization by carving out “non” core activities
    6. Embed KPI program based on balanced score card
    7. Within 18 months after assignment, increase of market share and turnover by 15%, increased profitability by 20%.

    IT Managed Services and staffing company: read more

    1. Strategic inventory and Client assessment < 2 weeks.
    2. Resolution of legal threats < 1 month.
    3. Restructure- and integration plan in place < 2 months.
    4. Integration with new Parent 4 months.
    5. The re-organization/integration was completed within 3 months leading to EBITDA performance of 10% within 6 months.
    6. Loss of clients was minimized.

    Turn around and divestment Energy Service Company: read more

    1. The company was undermanaged for over 8-10 years.
    2. Part of a larger utility with limited focus on profitability.
    3. Strategic review resulting in business led organization.
    4. Revision of market positioning leading to additional market entries and product market combinations.
    5. Focus on skill set, training and safety culture improved culture.
    6. Divestment of non-core activities leading to clear positioning.
    7. Strong focus on service model resulting in recurring revenues.
    8. Stand-alone KPI’s and financial management.
    9. Management of Carve out accounts and Vendor Due Diligence.
    10. The process was completed over a period of 6-8 months, improving FTE/EBIT ratio and further cost control.
    11. Ultimately carve out was not effected and sale process was withdrawn.