• IT Company acquisition & integration
    IT company was acquired with negative performance, threats of litigation and low customer/personnel satisfaction.
    Re-organised within 3 months, EBITDA > 10% within 6 months.
  • Subsidiary identified as non-core.
    Strategic outcome tested with stakeholders. Roadmap identified and dedicated team created. Transaction completed within 8 weeks, including balance sheet restructuring.
  • Mismatch organisation and growth path
    New business plan created and tested with all stakeholders. Organisational structure revised, leading to improved sales performance.
  • Accelerating MBO
    Negotiations for MBO process had stalled. We were tasked to mediate and ensure process continuation. We (re)negotiated commercial terms and assisted parties to obtain internal buy-in. The transaction closed in less than 2 months on attractive terms for all parties involved.
  • Professionalising bidding process
    During a controlled auction process, our client was looking for ways to make the most attractive bid. We identified the clients’ competitive edge, assisted to prepare a professional offer and established direct contact with sellers decision makers.
  • Strategic portfolio review
    Assisting management to perform a strategic review of current portfolio of subsidiaries and activities. We determined the key value drivers (financial, strategic and operational) and proposed methodology to determine next steps.
  • Operational fit adjusted to market
    As a result of the recent economic crisis, the turnover of a PE owned staffing business had diminished. The organization had to be brought in line with turnover levels. Interim role as CEO was taken, quick analysis was completed and organization was reduced to protect profitability.
  • Business rationale strengthened to attract investors
    Additional capital required to grow the business. We were asked by management to develop and substantiate the existing business case. We created a business and execution plan and supported management in presenting investment case to investors.